Kids in Conservation

kids in conservation


It’s never too soon to start talking to your kids about conservation.  Kids are like sponges. As parents, we know right away when our kids are studying recycling at school—try throwing ANYTHING away without a 5-year-old lecturing about what we could reuse or that it should be recycled.


The same goes with the idea of teaching the concept of conservation. Use a simple definition:  “being careful when using a resource; helping restore the natural environment and wildlife; or to use sparingly and avoid wasting.”



Easily put, conservation is “to protect.”  If you take a few days to discuss the different meanings and HOW we can implement them in our local and worldwide environments, kids will jump on board knowing that the little things they do make a big difference to the earth.  After all, they are the next generation and a lot of what is happening today—both good and bad—is going to be left for them to sort out.


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