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solve it explained


There is not one simple solution to combatting poaching, climate change, population expansion… it takes coordinated cross-industry collaboration.  Solve.iT is an innovative approach to conservation and other complex global issues including Wildlife, Water, Food, Energy, and Natural Resource security.  A newly founded Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation with an exiciting mandate to leverage technology and innovation to save our planet.  This can be summarized into four distinct arms of the program:



The core of the initiative is a global think-tank with a dedicated research and development center.  This incorporates all that a 9500 hectare (>21000 acre) game reserve offers, including a self-sustaining private lodge with accommodation, conference facility, and MakerSpace.  The reserve is the ultimate field based research site, testing and implementation for all things conservation and sustainable living.  Solve.iT’s unprecedented approach brings tomorrow’s technology to conservation today, utilizing big data analytics and iIoT to provide protected area optimization.  Solve.iT solutions are proven on-site for global duplication.


Social Upliftment

Training and education is the focus of Solve.iT’s social upliftment programs.  Advanced education offerings with Semester Safari will bring international students to study in and understand an African environment alongside other Solve.iT initiatives.  Local higher education offerings provide deeper learning to the future generations of South Africa and the region.  Ultimately, all training programs provide local communities with skills, resources, and career opportunities for progression.


Veterans Programs

The world faces an abundance of military, emergency medical, and law enforcement veterans who struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder.  Years of global conflict have left us with people struggling to find a peaceful existence internally and as part of the global eco-system.  Meanwhile, conservation faces a war against organized crime and illicit wildlife trafficking they are not prepared for. Skillsets and shared experiences from veterans empower conservationists to win the war against illicit trafficking.

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Endangered Species Sanctuary

A dedicated facility for animals which are victims of poaching, illicit trafficking, and exploitation.  Focusing on survivor rhinos and orphans, the facility can also be utilized for other species of fauna and flora.  Solve.iT provides not only the accommodations for volunteers and staff, animal orphanage and rehabilitation centers, but also capacity for release and safe existence.  Solve.iT is reintroducing the Big 5 to the Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site, returning after 100 years.  The remote location provides natural protection of the site, with the benefit of Solve.iT’s technology, social upliftment, and veterans programs.
The conservation spin on a Xerox PARC approach to complex global issues...  Please join the Solve.iT movement to maximize your contributions to the environment and social responsibility.


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