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A long journey; An important cause...

"Two years. We can live anywhere for two years." That's what LB told his wife when he was granted a job in Pretoria, South Africa in spring of 2010. With World Cup excitement vibrating in the city, they quickly fell in love with the local culture. But the moment they stepped foot into the African Bushveld, they knew their lives were changed forever.

It is said that South Africa can affect people in different ways. Some appreciate the wildlife and serenity of the African bush. Others are inspired by the change and hope for the future. But some--some are truly bitten by the...

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Scott "LB" Williams

Director | Founder

​Scott “LB” Williams is a decorated US combat veteran who served over 17 years in the US military. After his tour in the US Embassy Pretoria, he left government service to found Reserve Protection Agency (RPA). Besides an unrivaled ability to break things, LB links technology and concepts with tactical employment. He provides insight on innovation, technology and interagency cooperation to help solve global complex challenges. LB has been a speaker at Corporate Social Investment conferences, Border Security Symposiums, Conservation Roundtables, and featured in publications worldwide.

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Greta Krueger Williams


Greta Krueger Williams has the full-time job of keeping LB out of trouble and the kids on task! She is also a current Board of Director for a major environmental compliance laboratory located in the United States. She was the president of an alternative energy company in Long Island, NY that produced biodiesel from waste products. With the move to South Africa, and conservation near and dear to her heart, the transition to RPA was an easy one. She oversees project development & environmental impact, as well as coordinating education and outreach programs both local and abroad.